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Brushing and flossing your teeth are some of the first lessons that you learnt as a child. The lessons that you were taught about flossing are still valid today as they were so many years ago. Brushing is good for the teeth. It will remove almost all plaque in the teeth and helps in preventing tartar from settling. Flossing on the other had is hat gets what the brush couldn’t reach. A daily floss is recommended where possible and a minimum of three times a week at the very least to give your teeth a good chance of serving you well and for a long time. These reviews on dentist Johns Creek, Georgia will confirm that flossing will keep you out of deep dental trouble.

Contrary to popular opinion, all dental floss is not the same. There are different types but they all aim at cleaning the spaces between the teeth.

Waxed and unwaxed

These are the most common dental floss in the market. This is are the floss types most people are familiar with. They are also the types that the dentist will most likely recommend. Dentists prefer the unwaxed because of their superior ability to absorb food particles and effective cleaning of the teeth. Some dentists claim that waxed floss will leave an oily film on your teeth and so they discourage their use. The benefit waxed floss brings is that it does not fray easily and also the fact that it moves more smoothly between the teeth as compared to unwaxed floss.

Teflon coated floss

Polytetrafluoroethylene is a synthetic fluoropolymer whose non-stick qualities are known the world over. Teflon is the rand name in which it is marketed. Dental floss that has been coated with Teflon has the same non-stick qualities as the polymer. It moves smoothly between the teeth and it does not leave any waxy film after it. It does not shred. It is also strong and more durable than the other types of floss available today.


This is one of the newer forms of dental floss in the market. It is much thicker than regular floss and it is shred resistant and it does not break. It is particularly suitable for people with large gaps between their teeth. The dentist Johns Creek trusts - Dr. Trowell - recommends this type.


Available in all types, flavored floss leaves a pleasant taste behind it. Cinnamon and mint are the most common flavors used in making them though new flavors are appearing I n the market every other day.

Flossing aids

Most people do not floss. Being one of the most disliked practices of oral hygiene, flossing aids have appeared in the market to make it a little more attractive to users. .

Flossing your teeth daily will not guarantee perfect health for life, but they will definitely keep you away from the dentist’s office. Any dentist will tell you that most of the people ho come in with cavities do not floss hence its impotence.